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Recorder information

The Haberfield PS Recorder Ensemble is an extension musical group for students who have been learning recorder for at least one year.

Students from years 2 to 6 rehearse weekly on Friday 8.10 am – 8.50 am in the annex area upstairs above the school hall. A group of approximately 20 students each year perform in the Festival of Instrumental Music usuually at the Sydney Opera House each year.

To join the Recorder Ensemble students need to attend rehearsals regularly. There are no auditions however students need to have been learning the recorder for at least one year in class music. For more information ask Mr Collins-White during rehearsal time Friday mornings.


All Recorder Ensemble and Senior Strings Practice Videos for the 2024 concert can be access using this link 

All Recorder resources for the 2024 concert click here to download music and mp3s

All Class Recorder resources available below

  1. Christmas Carols music and practice resources below
  2. Christmas Music for all instruments
  3. Christmas Mp3 audio files for practice
  4. Christmas Music practice videos here

Recorder scales and resources for Class Music 

Youtube vidoes of scales

Year 1 scales

Video length 2:03 minutes

Year 2 

Length - 2:53

Year 3

Video length - 1:03

Year 4 scales

Video length 2:19 minutes

Year 5 scales

Video length 4:05 minutes

Year 6 scales

Video length 6:19 minutes

Treble and Bass Recorder Scales

Duration - 4:34

Recorder animated score videos for 2023 and 2024


Heavry Metal Recorder Tango