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High Potential & Gifted Education

Haberfield Public School is responsive to the educational needs of all students. Enriched programs are provided for those students who typically require a differentiated curriculum that is sensitive and responsive to their diverse styles of learning. Classes for high potential and gifted students were established in 1997 from Year 1 to Year 6 and they continue to offer a flexible and enriched curriculum across all areas of learning. This includes accelerated programs in Mathematics and English, with enrichment programs in historical, artistic and cultural studies. Assessment of students’ suitability to these programs is continually reviewed.

Why group high potential and gifted children?

Our provisions for enrichment and extension activities occur across all classrooms K-6, along with Ability-based groupings in some subjects. Other children learn in our fully contained classes where they are in continuous contact with peers of similar ability and with teachers who have undertaken Postgraduate training in High Potential and Gifted Education programs. Full time grouping of these students provides them with the opportunity to experience a wider curriculum at a greater depth based on Francois Gagne’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness. The NSW Quality Teaching Model is central to this.

Social and emotional needs

High potential and gifted children often show greater perceptiveness and sensitivity to the needs of others and the environment. As they grow older they are usually not afraid to grapple with wider global issues and solve challenging and puzzling questions.
A child’s cognitive skills may then far outstrip physical skills such as writing. Adults who understand and are trained to cater for ensuing frustration that some high potential and gifted students experience are resourceful in assisting high potential and gifted children to better cope with these social and emotional needs.

Additional Information and Websites

Our school supports the Gerric (Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre) program based at the University of NSW.

Our school is an Association member of the NSWAGTC (NSW Association For Gifted and Talented Children).

Read more about high potential and gifted education (Department of Education and Communities Website).

Haberfield Public School is committed to providing all students with the opportunity to do their best and to maximise educational opportunities. Our programs schoolwide provide enriched learning experiences and extension opportunities. This includes:

Program areas include:


  • public speaking competitions
  • spelling competitions
  • debating
  • print and TV journalism
  • journalism club.


  • mathematics inquiry based task centre
  • enrichment workshops
  • maths olympiad


  • tournament of minds
  • aeronautical engineering
  • aeronautical velocity challenge (competition).

Creative arts

  • band program
  • dancesport program/ Sydney theatre drama program
  • strings/ ensemble groups/ choirs
  • Sydney Region visual art competitions.

Community languages

  • Mandarin language program/ Chinese cultural Eisteddfod
  • Italian language program/ Italian club.

Sports/ PE