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Student leadership

Haberfield Public School offers a wide range of student leadership opportunities.

Captain, Vice-Captain and Prefect

All Year 5 students are given the opportunity to nominate for the role of Captain, Vice- Captain or Prefect via a nomination form. 24 candidates (12 girls and 12 boys) will be nominated from the Year 5 pre-selection which is held in Term 4.

The nominated candidates will be announced at a Monday morning assembly soon after. The girl candidates will present their speeches on one day whilst the boy candidates will present their speeches on another. These 24 students will present their formal speech at a special assembly in front of all Years 3 to 5 students and teachers.

The Haberfield Public School election is based on the Australian Electoral Commission Federal voting system and is conducted by the current School Captains and Prefects. Mrs Martin acts as the Returning Officer.

Polling day will be directly after the speeches, when all students from Years 3-5 and teaching staff will preferentially vote for the girl and boy candidates of their choice.

Ms Jacobsen will officially announce the Captains and Prefects for the coming year at the Stage 3 Presentation Assembly, held in December.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC consists of a group of students elected by their fellow peers to represent the school and who organise ways for students to participate in school life. Each class from Years 1 to 5, will elect two students (1 boy and 1 girl) to represent their class at SRC meetings.

The SRC works democratically to represent the student body in school decision-making. Students work together, with help from a staff member, to improve school life and to contribute students’ ideas.